Sharon Ouellette Scholarship

Artist Noel Wuttunee
Woman Warrior
This is a scholarship that will be offered to a post-secondary student in honour of Sharon Ouellette. The prize is $400.

Sharon was a hard working professional dancer and felt that successful effort should always be rewarded. She was a single mother of two who attempted to attend university, but was unsuccessful due to financial constraints that forced her to miss school to work and look after her children. She always regretted not finishing university, but she felt if she could have just had a bit of help her life might have been very different. She always believed in the value of education to better one's life, but became stuck in a life of an older dancer past her prime. She never gave up and held hope her children would succeed where she did not.

  1. 300 word essay on why you deserve the award, be creative and enjoy.
  2. Photo of yourself
  3. Photocopy of transcripts demonstrating that you have successfully passed your year.
  4. Proof of Indigenous heritage.
A committee of 5 will review the applicants and decide who best deserves the award

Deadline: June 21, 2013

Send material to:
Aboriginal Education Sui Generis Foundation
47 Highcastle cres
Winnipeg, MB
R2N 3V7